8-Aug-2018Saugus, MA +8 milesReptiles for Sale
Sangre is an adult fully grown Corn Snake. Sangre is easy to handle and eats 1 frozen thawed mouse weekly. Email us at XXXX@tailsandscales.org for more information on how to adopt Sangre!
7-Jun-2018Holbrook, MA +14 milesReptiles for Sale
Max is a 3-4yr old bearded dragon who came to us when his former owner did not have time to dedicate to him. Max is a mellow dragon who does not mind being picked up and handled. Max is on the smaller side for an fully grown, bearded dragon but is healthy.
7-Jun-2018Holbrook, MA +14 milesReptiles for Sale
Suki came to us because another dragon attacked her and caused damage to her feet. As a result, Suki is missing some toes and part of 1ft but it does not slow her down at all. Suki is a juvenile dragon with plenty of energy and a solid appetite. Suki is accustomed to being picked up and handled but is currently more interested in exploring than cuddling.
7-Jun-2018Holbrook, MA +14 milesReptiles for Sale
Oz is a four year old corn snake who needs an experienced adopter who can help him feel secure as he trends on the nervous side. Oz has never shown aggression but can be nervous when picked up and handled.
7-Jun-2018Holbrook, MA +14 milesReptiles for Sale
Mackie is indeed single & awesome & also ready to find her forever family! Mackie is a 2-3 yr old, female, leopard gecko most likely born with her facial deformities but they do not dampen her spirits! Mackie does need to be tong fed and her eyes moistened occasionally but is otherwise a normal, and happy, leopard gecko.
Hello there! My name is Turtle. I'm about 2 yrs old. I was found in the wilderness of Turtle Pond in the Boston Commons and was brought here to find a new home. I am an extremely rare and endangered breed of turtle, the Spotted or Polka-dot Pit Mixture Turtle! But unlike Cheetahs, I can change my spots! I have some skin allergies, but appropriate care will help these spots be a thing of the pas...
Gecko A350780 Neutered Male 3 yrs old White and Gray DLH Welcome to the jungle! Me and my wild animal friends all came to the MSPCA from the same house. We love each other and other cats but we''re pretty timid of people. All of us can be super sweet but we''re shy and easily overwhelmed. We are looking for homes that already have at least 1 cat in them. We hope that your cat will be our tour g...
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